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CASA Court Appointed Special Advocate
I have been coming to Gris and Jason's school for almost two years. I am appointed by the courts for foster children. I oversee them in the classroom environment, playground etc.. This school is by far the best quality learning school I have ever encountered. They are always welcoming to me. The children walk in happy, work, study and play all day happy. The staff is professional, courteous and concerned about all students and children. The children are escorted to the upper grades after breakfast and welcomed back after the school day ends. All of the classrooms are under control at all times. The food is nutritious and there is plenty for seconds. Great environment and I would recommend it to everyone.
Kathy Healey
Solid Curriculum and Staff
Kids R Kids has exceeded my expectations time and time again. We have been sending our children here for 4 years; the curriculum is solid, the teachers knowledgeable, and it is evident that they love what they do. I am so pleased that they provide healthy and balanced breakfast/lunch (included in tuition), provide a balance between technology and imaginative play, and help families get assistance from outside sources in the event of an observed disability. I look forward to sending my kids here for a few more years!
Meg H.
Love, love, love!!!
I brought my daughter here for a short time when she was 4. It left such a great impression on me that when it came time to put my son in daycare; this was my first choice. I still looked around, but nothing compared. I`m so glad I went with my feelings because my son has done so amazingly well. He loves his teachers and has learned so much with their patience and kindness. He loves going and hates leaving. Hugs are a must when he arrives and when he leaves. It also comforts me knowing that I can see him all day long with the online access. KRK is like family. We love them.
Melinda F. - NV
Great Staff!
I hate to single out one teacher from the wonderful staff at KRK, but Miss Kym was excellent with our son, Jesse, in room 200. She provided a great combination of discipline and affection, and we saw great strides in our boy. Keep it up KRK!!
Jim S. - NV
It`s such a fantastic learning environment!
I use to go to Kids r kids. And I swear, I miss it like crazy! All the teachers were so friendly, and I learned so much! Kids r Kids really is the best place for a child.
Courtney - NV
My Pediatrician`s daughter comes here too!
Well, after finding out my Pediatrician`s daughter went to this school ---I had to tour it. I appreciate that they follow your babies` schedule. They believe this makes for a happier and healthy baby. They respect your wishes as parents. I just love that I can watch my son via internet cameras. Love Ms. Nancy!
Amy G. - NV
My son loves it!
Thank you for an awesome experience at your school. Demil has been with you since 7 months old. Thank you for opening your heart and sharing your love with us.
April H. - NV
Through the years...
We can`t believe it`s been 6 Years since we been at KrK. My son started with Ms. Nancy barely 2 months old and now it`s a routine he has to kiss her goodbye---in sign language since he can`t go into the baby room (they wear booties-no shoes). My son started writing his name when he was 2 1/2 and doing science experiments with Ms. Analyn. Almost everyday since he was 3 there was computer lab. He was actually hands on the keyboard. In PreK the teachers had them sounding out words and reading! My son has grown to love his teachers. We have grown to Love Kids r Kids! Xoxo
Ms. Patricia H. - CA
My daughter has learned so much!
I am so happy with Kids `R` Kids of Green Valley! My little girl is learning so many things here and the staff is just great with her. Each time I go to pick her up or watch the live camera`s, I see that choosing this facility was the right choice for us. The people who work there have made my daughter comfortable and excited to learn!
Margie - NV
On second Child 8 years later!
Wow! School still looks newer- guess they just updated the bldg and playgrounds. Some things stay the same: my baby will have some of the same great teachers` as her older brother! 8 years later! Felt like coming home today.
Mrs. L. Richardson - NV
Former Students, Great Adolescents!
My kids attended your school from 2000 to 2003. They are all grown up and still cherish every single memory of the years they spent there. We live in Arizona now but we left a piece of our hearts in Henderson, Nevada.
Angelica Chavez - AZ
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